MILO We are no longer accepting applications for this pup

Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Breed: Dachshund

Milo is a 5 year old dachshund, he hasn’t had the best life but thats all about to change! This little guy came to us a little chunky, with no interest in walks or toys. Boy has that changed! He loves his daily walks now, and loves to run around with toys! He loves to cuddle and burrow in blankets and be with his people! He is also potty trained and kennel trained! Now Milo is super cute and is a great little dog but he comes with some quirks! As a typical dachshund he has a very high prey drive so he will not be good with cats and will need a fenced in yard or to be leashed at all times! He also is also scared of new people, and he’ll use his big boy bark to tell you so, but with a slow introduction and maybe some treats to be bribed with he’ll know you’re okay! Milo can also be possessive of his person and growl at who ever comes near but we are working on it and we are very slowly seeing progress! He can also be possessive of toys, which we are also working on, so I don’t think he will be good with children under 16. Milo is not a huge dog person but could live another calm dog! This little man needs a calm, committed, responsible and active home! Please make sure to research this breed as he has most of the traits of a dachshund which might not be for everybody



Sex: Male
Age: 6 years
Breed: Lab mix

We are in need of a  furever home for Duke!
Duke is a 6 year old male lab mix.

Duke would be best suited in a foster home without young children as he sometimes forgets how big he is. He would also be best suited in a home without other animals. He is a very sweet, but does not like to be hugged. Cuddling is not his thing. He knows commands like sit.lie down, shake a paw and is pretty good on a leash. He is fully house trained

. Will you take a chance and open your heart and home to this beauty?

DIAMOND We are no longer accepting applications for this pup


Sex: Female
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Collie/shepherd mix

UPDATE **** she is been assessed at the moment ***

We are in need of a  furever home for Diamond!

Diamond would be best suited in a home with another dog as she is high energy and is  she is currently in a foster home with young children. She is a very sweet, She is not great on a leash but is learning. she is fully house trained

. Will you take a chance and open your heart and home to this beauty?


Sex Male 

age  4

Breed Roti/Shepherd

Brutz came to us beaten bleeding and shut down.

He was thought to be attacked by another dog Wolf or Coyote. We had little hope he was going to make it. he surprised us all.  He is a little shy and quite a lover boy. He is fully house trained and loves to be spoken to softley He loves belly rubs and will not take food if another dog is around.

He is not up for adoption  at this time. 

He is still healing from the violent atttack he encountered.



Sex: Female 
Age: 3 year old
Breed: Shepherd mix

We are in need of a foster for Sarah, the beautiful momma of the Office Litter! Sarah needs proper and slow introduction to new dogs.  At this time we are looking for a foster that does not have other animals so that she can decompress and learn home life.



Sex: Male

Age: 3 years

Breed: Great Pyrenees/lab retriever mix

Neutered: Yes

Before applying for TJ, please note that TJ requires a home with a fully fenced yard, no cats and ideally a home with older children or no children.
If this doesn't sound like your environment, please share his post to help TJ find the best suited home for him!
Thank you!♥️

Hi! I'm TJ!
I am approximately 3 years old. As you can tell from my good looks, I'm a Great Pyrenees/Lab retriever cross but my blood is more on the pyrenees side. My parents think I'm really handsome and macho but I don't like to brag. I love to be loved and cared for and in return I am a very loyal and obedient boy! I am protective of my home and family and will bark when people are walking by or approaching our home, but when I leave the property and go for walks and runs with my family, I am so friendly! I also walk great on a leash. I enjoy playing fetch but I also like to take the ball and play with it by myself. Don't worry I am an awesome house guest. I am totally house trained. I will make sure to let you know if I need to go outside or if I am not feeling well. Speaking of going outside, I love adventures, even during the winter season. I would love to have a home with a fully fenced yard where I could safely go in and out as I please. Being outside with my humans is my happy place ♥️. I am not a big fan of swimming, I guess I didn't get that Retriever bloodline of loving water games. When my parents go to work, I hang out in the garage or outside, my parents made me a dog door that I can go out anytime I want. I really love being outside. I am a very smart boy and I learn things very quickly! I also LOVE car rides! I really enjoy cuddling and spending time with my humans.
I'm sure you probably noticed my big tongue, but don't worry, I am not a licker, I use my nose to get your attention! 😉
I would be best suited in a home without cats or small animals. I have had play dates with other dogs and I play well with them. But I am perfectly content living with only humans as well. I would also be best suited in a home with older children or no children as I am a very big boy and I sometimes forget how big I am.
When my parents got me, I was not being fed properly and became very protective of my food, but they have worked with me and I am getting better with that.
Please give me a chance to be your best friend and even your protector. Take note; I saved my two neighbors and my parents from an attempted robbery/break-in because I alerted them with my massive voice. I can smell bad guys especially those who go around at 2-3 a.m.
Please give me a chance to love and protect you. ♥️




Sex: Female
Age: 4 years
Breed: Jindo mix

Sabree has been with the rescue family for about a year now!

Her Bio has not changed as she is still quite fearful and may never be adoptable, but she she is happy and can live out her life without pain and fear on a comfy bed with good food in her foster home...

Sabree is an approximately 3 year old female Jindo mix.
She was also rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea but unfortunately she is still quite fearful of humans. 
We can't imagine what her life has been like up until now, but we are so happy she gets a chance to find out how wonderful her life will be! 

We are really not sure she will be adoptable . A leash and collar are fear mechanisms for her. She has become comfortable and appears happy in her Canadian surroundings. We will keep updating as many like to follow this story of her and Selma  

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