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I first met Astrid on January.8th 2021 after Penny had rescued her out of a garbage can, left to die alone and cold. My boyfriend Brayden did not want a dog... I DID so I told him we were going to "foster" (just as a cover) so I looked into many different places, I fell in love with Pennys. I saw Astrid when she got off the van, I wanted her so bad, she had my heart but she was being walked by another volunteer, Carmen called me to get my foster, I was told she was mine, I wanted to cry! I loved her.

We took her home, she cuddled up in my lap and did not leave. Little did I know she was sick, when I noticed I called Penny. She got my little fur baby in, I had to leave her there, I was told she had Thrombocytopenia... a bleeding disorder, she had 20% chance at living but penny did not give up and was there for me through my tears telling me to be strong even though I was so sad. Now 2 weeks later she is at home, playful as ever, happy and on her way to a healthy life I am proud to say im a "foster fail" she is mine forever. I am beyond thankful for Pennys!! Anyone looking to adopt, foster or volunteer I highly recommend Pennys All Breed Animal Rescue.

Astrid : 4 months old, January,23rd 2021.

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