Adoption Fee for Rabbits: $80.00


We would like to welcome Henry and Harri to the rescue family!

Here is some info about them:

The black bunny, Henry, is very sweet but shy. He loves bananas and the occasional scratch behind the ears. He’s a very relaxed guy, but prefers to interact with people one on one, he doesn’t do well in large groups or around loud sounds. He’s about a year old and is neutered.

The white bunny, Harri, is very friendly. She loves being groomed and having her nails done. This little bean has lots of energy, she spends most evenings ripping around the basement doing Binkies off the couch. She is not spayed.

Both are completely and utterly in love with each other, they groom each other all day, their bond is very strong.
We would like to keep them together if possible.

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